Groundhog Rock Crawl #16 June 29, 2024


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2024 rules of competition 
Groundhog Sweet #16!
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16th Annual Groundhog Competition

2022  2022 2

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2023 Winners 

scoreboard 2023

Super Modified Stephen Pugh
Steven Pugh Super Mod 1st

Cody Stumph

Cody 2022 


Unlimited Justin Harrison

Justin Harrison Unlimited 1st place
Modified Stock Megan Schaber

Megan Schaber Modified Stock 1st place
Buggy Trevor Jolly

Trevor Jolly 1st place Buggy


Tech Sheet at Registration

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Score Card- lowest score is the goal

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2022 Winners

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2022 score board

Mike Stumph

Super Modified:
Cody Stumph

Chris Janeck

Nik Pries


2019 Winners 

2019 winners

score board 2019

Mike S

Justin B

groundhog 2018


groundhog 2018

groundhog 2018



 2018 First Place Winners:

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2018 winners


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